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coating peeling backSurveys are conducted at the request of a client investing in a refurbishment roofing or cladding project, or are carried out on a commercial basis for those who are interested in maintaining their premises in good order. It is imperative that the roof of a building is maintained, not only for the good of the occupants, but for any person that may have to venture on the roof to carry out the routine maintenance that so many supplier's wish building occupier's to carry out annually. Let's face it, the only time many people consider that they have a problem with their roof is when it starts to leak ~ when routine inspection may have prevented the problem from occuring in the first place!

The main problem with obtaining a survey from a roofing contractor is that their opinion may be biased ~ after all, they are a roofing contractor and their whole livlihood is based on the fact that they have to obtain work to stay in business!

It is important to note that the performance warranties on roofing and cladding products are only valid if they are inspected and maintained on an annual basis, and many roofing contractors will offer to conduct annual inspections with a view to implementing repairs and adjustments in line with the strict terms and conditions of the manufacturer's warranties ~ but at what cost?

As a self employed person with a depth of experience, I have no alliegience to any roofing contractor ~ I have no wish to make any building owner pay out for more work than is necessary ~ I will just tell the facts, pure and simple.

During every survey a detailed site inspection is undertaken as required. Measurement, design, and current building use and conditions will all be recorded, and manufacturer contact will be made if deemed necessary. Following the survey, a report [supported with photographs and core samples if appropriate] will be presented.

The survey report will include :

  • a detailed description of the building and it's location;
  • a synopsis of outlining the problems being experienced;
  • a specification of the layout of the building.
  • present solutions to overcome the problems encountered;
  • offer explanations as to how these conclusions have been reached.

If required, and only if requested [remember, I have no hidden agenda], a detailed bill of materials can be compiled with quantities provided for you to contact a few roofing contractors to submit prices to carry out the remedial works. If no works are required, I will tell you that no works are required ~ it's as simple as that.


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