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poorly installed "dektite" soaker flashing offering little, if no protection, from the elements

single-ply membrane, punctured by timber screw that has slipped down between paving slabs causing a leak into the property below

loose fixings in composite roofing panels providing a potential leak point

missing stitching screws in end lap of ridge flashing

pvc rooflight, perished due to heat absorption during the life of the existing roof construction 

poor weathering detail where two cables are required to penetrate the roof panels - mastic is not really the answer!

condensation apparent in the crowns of the f.a.i.r. (factory assembled insulated rooflight)

cotter pin missing from this mansafe post - the 'twisted wire' installed is hardly an adequate alternative !

plastisol coating peeling back from the eaves of an existing roof sheet

stitching screws too close to the end lap of the flashing, thus not allowing enough roof for a seal on the 'weather' side of the fastener

damaged end lap poorly dressed out

mitred corner units, split at the mitre

completely inadequate waterproofing detail, composite wall cladding panels have open joints allowing water ingress