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Estimating, although an essential part of any contractors working week, can not only be time consuming but can also be extremely costly... striking the right balance is often difficult.

It is always important to respond quickly [and on time] to enquiries in an accurate manner.

My aim is to remove the burden of estimating, allowing you to focus on running your company. Utilising my estimating service not only takes the pressure off your own workforce, it may also reduce your operating costs.

Whether you require estimating services to be structured to compliment your own team or require a totally independent estimating solution, I am able to offer an affordable estimating service, with quotations returned on time and professionally presented. I also offer a quotation follow up service, and keep you updated by facsimile transmittal on a weekly basis [further details available upon request].

This roofing and cladding estimating service offers a fully comprehensive detailed quotation utilising my own, in-house package derived from Excel spreadsheets. This allows me to adapt and modify each quotation to suit each client's requirements, or apply my own modifications to make the presentation more "project specific". My 20 years experience in this industry means that I have a wealth of knowledge of many of the prominent roofing and cladding systems on the market today, and my draughting skills also allow me to "design out" many potential problems at tender stage [or at least advise of additional steelwork requirements].

With my level of knowledge within the industry and my desire to win contracts, you can rest assured that every effort is made to secure the project on your behalf.

Send me your client's drawings and specifications. 

I will then submit a lump sum quotation to carry out the estimating works on your project. Upon receipt of your official order to carry out the works, I will telephone you and ask for your preferred suppliers for flashings, fixings, insulation, etc,. profit margins, labour rates, and any further details relevant to the particular job.

From this I will draft the quotation and fax it through to you for your perusal.

Review the draft quotation. 

I will telephone you to discuss the draft. My computerised system then enables me to fine-tune the quotation to suit your requirements.

When you are 100% satisfied with the quotation, I print the final copy and mail it to you. Alternatively, I can mail the original directly to the client if time is short, with a photocopy being posted to you for your records.

Give the completed quotation to your client.

The quotation you receive is ready to submit directly to your client. Your client's drawings and specifications are returned with the quotation. It should also be noted that your profit margins are concealed on the quotation.